Today’s been my fourth day of work experience and thankfully it’s not been as hot today! I started my working day the same way as I had finished my last, browsing through sunglass websites and recording product names to avoid any similar names when it comes to naming our client’s products. I carried on with this task until just before lunch, by which time I had gathered together and written down over 500 product names from rival companies!

On my return from lunch I mentioned to Communications Director Dee Twomey that I had finished the product name gathering task and she was shocked that I had managed to complete so much work in such a short space of time. I then went about my next task which I started with Louis on Monday: finding Youtube clips about Polaroids and polarization for Marketing Zone to use on their Facebook page. I found some quite interesting ones and rounded off the work by writing a short, one line description of each video and a longer five line description of each video to possibly be used in the future.

Tomorrow will be my final day of work experience here at Marketing Zone which means this is my penultimate blog post, so expect my last one tomorrow but until then, goodbye.