Freman College student, Connor Stewart spent a week at marketing agency Marketing Zone as part of his Business course. Instead of just helping out, 15 year old Connor was given a complete project – to develop a website for Cougars youth football club. And he completed the task with flying colours. With a plenty of guidance and design support, the Cougar’s website is up and running for players, parents and managers to use.  Head Teacher of Freman College, Helen Loughran said, “Work experience is really important for students’ education. They find out about work and it helps them in the future even if they don’t get the placement they hoped for. When students come back to college you get a new sense of maturity.”

“I was asked to create a website for the local football team, as part of the work Marketing Zone do for the community. This involved putting forward my ideas for the creation of the website, deciding what information to include and organising this into a clear navigation,” explained Connor.