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Supporting small businesses in Cambridge
Mark Ganellin - Supporting small businesses in Cambridge

Located off the hustle of Mill Road, Marketing Zone supports small businesses in the Cambridge area. We do this by offering a full range of services to get you up and running, and then keep you fully operational.

By exclusively serving local businesses, we can focus our attention on providing consistently high levels of customer service. Living and working in the same town also helps to reduce our carbon footprint, which is an increasingly important environmental concern.

Focused on excellent customer service

Small companies get a raw deal when they are not serviced once the initial website build is complete. Marketing Zone guarantees to support you, whatever your size, always. It’s what we’ve built our reputation on.

Whether you’re a sole trader or run a small office, you will always have our support. You’ll find us to be friendly, reliable and responsive. Working with Marketing Zone means that your service request will never be overlooked. We understand the importance of running a well-oiled machine!

About Mark

Founder Mark Ganellin is passionate helping businesses thrive and using technology to grow a successful business. His professional credentials include:

As a former Princes Trust business adviser, and chair of a Chamber of Commerce with a membership of 100 businesses, Mark understands how businesses operate, and is dedicated to helping small businesses in Cambridge use digital tools to achieve their goals.

A full-service marketing agency for a local business community

Since launching in 1997 we have been supporting local businesses helping them to develop their marketing communications, and to keep them relevant and compelling. As a go-to Cambridge agency for websites, design, copywriting and digital marketing we have built lasting relationships with clients who know we are always available with continued support and up-to-date advice when a new approach is required. With over 25 years in the business our results are now able to speak for themselves, and our clients return to us on a regular basis.

Entrusting your company’s marketing to an external agency can seem a big step, so it is important to get to know the man managing your account. Mark has many years’ experience and up-to-date marketing qualifications. He works with the Marketing Zone team developing large and small campaigns. What becomes apparent very quickly is his enjoyment in being involved in every new project, getting to know each client, and his enthusiastic response to new technologies and ideas.

26 years supporting businesses