Website design agency HertfordshireWhen developing an ecommerce website, there’s a lot to consider, including social media, mobile payments and tablet shopping. But although these are important, it’s essential to concentrate on getting the foundations right when it comes to website design and development. And we can help you do this.

This thinking was confirmed when we attended the Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference. Really successful online companies such as Amazon and Apple focus on getting their core offering correct for customers, rather than blinding them with technology and not coming up with the goods.

You need to ensure your website considers the following:

  • Customer – put yourselves in your customer’s shoes. Is your website simple to navigate? Can they find the products at the click of a mouse? Is it a place where they’ll want to return again?
  • Discovery – can you be found? Your website must be easily found by search engines so you need to refine your website coding and meta-data tags.
  • Selection – customers demand choice, and if your website doesn’t give them this, they’ll hot foot it to one of your competitors. Try and provide as much of a selection as possible.
  • Price – people like lower prices. The internet makes it easy for customers and competitors to compare prices so keep this in mind.
  • Delivery – this must be fast, convenient, flexible and exceed their expectations. Customers dislike paying for postage so give them different options wherever possible.
  • Availability – Never run out of stock. This is a quick way to annoy a customer and lose their loyalty.

We help our clients to create websites that deliver a great service for their customers and support or improve your business model.