Case studies

Polaroid Eyewear

Technix VII P7012ADiscover how Marketing Zone re-launched Polaroid sunglasses. When we took up the challenge the brand had more or less disappeared from the UK market. Now it’s a Top 3 brand in major airports and has significant high street presence. With an integrated strategy, including PR, social marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and trade marketing the Polaroid sunglasses brand is going from strength to strength. Polaroid sunglasses has a strong website which works as a brand showcase and online shop. 20% of visitors recommend the website to others. Read on to see how Marketing Zone developed the right communications to give Polaroid sunglasses new life.


The Chartered Institute of Marketing

cmiLike all the best member organisations, The Chartered Institute of Marketing is committed to raising professional standards, providing members with a voice and delivering valuable membership benefits. But is has a careful balancing act to perform. Its members expect the Institute to embody everything they know about marketing best practice and innovation. Yet everything it does is funded by members’ subscriptions and it has a duty to deliver great value for money – not chase every new idea. It also enjoys an active network of volunteers that create events and plenty more, for their peers, all under the stewardship of twelve Regional Boards. The Institute needs to encourage grass-roots activity at the same time as keeping it aligned to the overall strategy, on message and on brand. Now even the best employee can sometimes be hard to handle – so with a small army of creative, innovative marketing volunteers imagine the potential…how we achieved this.

DMG Delta

adDMG Delta is a well established, medium-sized business which maintains large commercial developments, offices and luxury residential complexes in London and the Home Counties. Back in 2008, the business was running smoothly. But as an ambitious company that simply wasn’t good enough. Pay per click advertising was critical for sales, but the competitive nature of online advertising meant the company had to spend more and more for the same level of enquiries. What’s more when enquirers got to the DMG Delta website, it reflected who they used to be, not the organisation they are today and will be tomorrow. So why buy a website when you’ve already got a website? Well, as James Fulton at DMG Delta says “For double the new business and a return of 17:1.” See how we developed a hard-working new website, an improved search engine optimisation strategy and a well managed pay per click strategy to achieve this for DMG Delta.