I recently attended the Marketing and the 2012 Games Conference, hosted by one of our clients, The Chartered Institute of Marketing. The top line up of speakers included David Magliano MBE, Former Director of Marketing, London 2012 who presented the inspiring film which helped London win next year’s Games.

The Olympic name is very powerful and needs a lot of funding. So it’s vital that guidelines have been put in place to protect the brand, but to also encourage emotional interest in what we’re sure will be a fantastic occasion.

The Conference gave the dos and don’ts about how careful companies who are not official sponsors on the Games have to be when discussing the Olympics. The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is responsible for preparing and staging the 2012 Games, and are keeping a close eye looking out for companies taking on ‘ambush marketing’, and trying getting credit for their implied association to the Games.

5 top tips
The official Olympic website can advise you further, but Nick Johnson from Osborn Clark gave a few pointers:

  1. Ensure you check which symbols, logos and phrases are under copyright – the interlinking circles and the term ‘2012’ has been registered
  2. Promoting competitions to win tickets for the Games is not allowed unless you are an official sponsor
  3.  Unauthorised advertising in the vicinity of the Olympic Park and various other places has strict regulations you’ll need to be aware of
  4. Managers and Directors of a company can be personally held accountable for not adhering to the advertising rules, even if the actions were from an agency or employee
  5. Posting consumer insights or videos on a company blog could imply association with the event.

So visit the Olympic website, and contact a lawyer for professional advice if you’re unsure.

With an avid interest in all things sport and all things marketing, this event was right up my street. I’m taking my family to see the Games next year. We’re watching the handball, not our first choice I hasten to add but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity with the Olympics being held in London so we didn’t want to miss out.