outsourcing your marketing to an agencyOk, hands up, we might be a little biased on this subject! But we also pride ourselves on giving our clients straightforward, honest marketing advice.

So you can trust our opinion when we say that outsourcing your marketing to a communications agency can offer your business a whole host of benefits. From reducing costs to making efficient staff savings, outsourcing can be a good choice. And here’s why:

1. It’s cost efficient

Surprising as it seems, appointing a marketing agency can save you money. Depending on your business, you might need marketing assistance all year around, or it may be for ad hoc projects. Either way having a chosen agency that understands your business means that they are ready and available when you need them. This means you don’t have to arrange pitches every time you have a campaign to run, which saves you time and money. You have financial options too – agencies can work on a retainer, or a monthly, weekly or even hourly basis, so you have full control on your expenditure.

2. It saves time

Running your business keeps you busy every second of the working day. The last thing you have time for is to analyse the data of a recent email marketing campaign, or trawl through a data base to check for duplicates and poor addresses. A marketing agency can do all this for you, and more, as we’re specialists in using the latest technology, software and applications to the best effect, so your campaign can make the biggest impact.

3. Marketing enables growth

When the need to cut back arises, marketing can be one of the first functions to go. Which is worrying seeing as marketing can be an essential element of your growth process. Marketing continually brings customer feedback back into the organisation, which is key when it comes to improving and developing your business. Your company’s image, reputation, growth and customer service requirements are all driven by marketing, so a solid marketing function can be a real asset.

4. Access to the experts

When you appoint a marketing agency you have the benefit of a having access to a full range of specialists. Copywriters, web developers, designers, researchers, PR consultants, account managers, creatives and digital experts – they all come at a price if you employ them separately. But with us, they all come as part of your package – that’s the beauty of an integrated marketing agency.

5. Support for your marketing team

If you already have a marketing department, working with a marketing agency can be an invaluable inspiration for them. We work with clients as both their outsourced marketing department, and alongside their marketing teams. Often, marketing departments excel in the day to day marketing communications needs, but if a specialist project arises, an agency is often asked in to provide additional support and to give an expert perspective. When working so closely on a project, internal departments can sometimes, understandably, fail to see the bigger picture or hidden opportunities. Marketing agencies are experts in hunting for gaps in the market, and unearthing potential opportunities for growth because we come in with a clear mind and a fresh approach.

Marketing Zone works with many organisations, big and small, as their outsourced marketing agency. To find out how we can help you, call Mark on 01763274440