Zoom backdrops for business

With more and more meetings being conducted online, business people want their clients to see their home or office environment in the best light. Suppliers of stage sets have been called upon to fill empty study shelves with books. After all, the green screen options on online meeting platforms can lack a bit of credibility and the quality of the image isn’t always very professional. Here at Marketing Zone, we’ve been asked to provide professional branded banners to act as a backdrop for meetings on Zoom, Teams and the like.

Get Zoom backdrops for business

Take our client Ewepack, for example. They are an event logistics business that deals with clients all around the world. We designed and produced a large banner for use in their warehouse office. The banner continues the imagery seen on the website for a consistent professional Zoom backdrop. It also includes the brand’s logo and provides a smart look and feel for all online meetings with clients.

If you hold meetings from your office and currently there are very few people due to COVID-secure measures, you can replace the emptiness with a more dynamic background that shows your business in a better light. It is also easy and convenient to screen out warehouse racks, boxes and pallets and replace them with a smart Zoom backdrop. It can feature imagery of products or services from your website or your promotional materials or be an original design to demonstrate your brand to best effect.

If you work from home you can use a Zoom banner to screen away the real background when you work in the kitchen, study, dining room or bedroom. There is no need to reveal to customers your décor choices, hobbies or the chaos of family life or busy living spaces. Instead put in place a smart professional banner as your backdrop and breathe a sigh of relief. Get Zoom backdrops for business.

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