Your perfect match - how to choose the right marketing agencySharing your business’ insight and aspirations with a new agency takes a lot of trust. You have to make sure you’re working with the agency that’s the right fit for your organisation.

And with over 20,000 agencies to choose from in the UK, that’s quite a lot to choose from! But with careful consideration and our useful tips, your quest to find your perfect marketing agency is achievable.

1. Do some research

Whether you want a marketing agency close to your business in terms of location, or whether you’re happy to have a longer distance relationship, you need to understand the options available. Are you looking for an agency with a specialism – communications expertise or e-commerce experience, for example. Or do you need a full service integrated communications agency? Once decided, you can start asking peers and LinkedIn connections that you trust for recommendations. Do you need an expert in your market, or are you looking for a fresh approach from an agency with a broad range of experience? You can Google search terms, such as ‘marketing agency Hertfordshire,’ to show you agencies close to your office.

2. Make a short-list

Once you’ve come up with a selection of about 5 agencies, it’s time to delve deeper. Take a good look at their website and examine their portfolio. Also, look for testimonials from their customers. Examine their news section – if it’s not up-to-date then it’s a warning sign that they’re not on the ball. Read through their copy – high quality, insightful copy is essential for your business. You need to make sure your agency takes as much pride in their website and materials as you’ll expect them to for yours. Do they demonstrate an in-depth of knowledge about your industry or market? These are all questions to ask before you ask them to pitch.

3. Follow them

Access to social media has made it easier to gauge an impression of a business online. See how your potential agencies respond in comments and online discussions. Do they tweet and post regularly? Remember, you might want them to do this on your behalf if they win your pitch.

4. Meet face to face

Whether you want to conduct a formal pitch process, or prefer a more casual interview approach, meeting members of the agency who you’d be working with is essential. There’s a lot you can tell from a conversation that doesn’t show up in print or online – good and bad! Now’s a good time to discuss fees – is their price right? Can you work with them on a retainer, or monthly, weekly or hourly rate?

5. Trust your instincts

As much as you would when employing a new member of staff, once you know how they look ‘on paper,’ and then have met them in person, you need to judge whether they have the same vision as your business, and most importantly, can you see yourself working with them professionally? Now you have your perfect match.

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