Cost-effective ads, conversions and sales

Pay per click advertising brings customers directly to your website. And an effectively run PPC campaign can make all the difference to your on-line conversions.

We start with analytics and the creation of a clear PPC advertising strategy, agreeing budgets and policies on bid values so that you remain in control. We select the right ad words and balance the cost of those words against their potential for enquiries and sales.

Pay-per-clickIt’s all about getting enough of the right people to your site with direct and relevant PPC ads. After all, a huge jump in traffic is pointless unless it comes with a huge jump in sales. By tracking the performance of the campaign, we can make adjustments and ensure your investment is delivering returns.

By combining PPC with strong SEO with email marketing, you can make your website work even harder for your business. When we created a new PPC campaign for DMG Delta, ad costs were halved and lead quality improved.