Social media

Connect through fans, tweets and networks

People listen to people, and people buy from people. Reviews and recommendations are key influences when making a decisions and social media is one big discussion space.

And there are many different ways to interact, such as tweeting on Twitter, becoming a fan on Facebook or pinning images on Pinterest. Developing conversations with influencers, with an interest in your brand, business or market in the social sphere increases their loyalty, and puts you in a strong position to make a sale or generate a lead.

By tapping in to Marketing Zone’s established network of bloggers and social media connections, you can benefit from our experience to raise the awareness of your business through the power of social media. Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and the vast selection of leading social media sites, our social media expertise will help raise your profile online .

Social mediaWe can:

  • Develop a social media marketing strategy with clear objectives for a measurable return on your investment.
  • Set up, create a background design, upload your logo, and manage the accounts of all your social media sites.
  • Copywrite and schedule daily, weekly or monthly tweets, posts and conversations.
  • Develop your LinkedIn profile to build connections and network.
  • Set up a blog, design it, develop connections and monitor analytics.
  • Ghost blog on your behalf.
  • Monitor existing and upcoming trends in the social media space.
  • Produce website videos for your website and for YouTube.
  • Generate in-bound links through social media marketing to naturally boost your search engine rankings.