Website design and management plus e-newsletters

Simple is better. Even when what’s on offer is actually very clever indeed. And with Cadcorp you’re talking clever and then some. Cadcorp provides hi-tech geographic mapping software. We’ve worked with them since 2004 when we re-developed their website. Where their old website had reflected the complexity of their service, we created a website with simple navigation to highlight their core services and show-off their specialist expertise to potential customers.

That specialist expertise includes being able to use and combine more than 160 kinds of mapping data without having to stop first and translate them to a common format. No surprise then that Cadcorp’s software is used for many different applications, from the emergency services to commercial asset management. As the applications have grown, we’ve added new industry-specific content to the website to reflect this. With customer enews and web management services, Marketing Zone keeps everything up to date and in line with the core company messages. This strategic brand positioning has contributed to Cadcorp being recognised as a global player in geographic information systems.