CVT recruitment campaign

Radio and press ads, PR, posters, leaflets and banners.

Camphill Village Trust (CVT) needed to recruit support workers at its Delrow community for adults with learning disabilities. Traditional job listings hadn’t worked. Few people knew about Delrow, its happy community, its location and its remarkable work, which hampered recruitment. So it turned to Marketing Zone.

‘Your invitation to Delrow’ was Marketing Zone’s answer. The recruitment campaign welcomed would-be recruits to one of two Open Days held on site. The overall style we created demonstrated CVT’s vibrant personality with colour and photography. Key messages explained why Delrow is a great place to work. We reached out to current carers plus those looking for a career change and those studying for care qualifications looking for part time work. We capitalised on Delrow’s location as neighbour to the well-signposted, national Hare Krishna Centre and used maps to show how close Delrow is to Watford where many potential recruits live.

Local radio and press adverts, together with a press release announcement, invited potential recruits to the Open Days. Ads referred to the CVT website, where we provided more Open Day information. Door drop invitation leaflets targeted the local area. Posters in colleges and job centres targeted job-seekers. Large vinyl banners created a local presence for Delrow. We provided multi-purpose roller banners, and balloons, for a shopping centre awareness day, as well as subsequent events. Finally, a branded recruitment folder was designed for Open Day attendees.

Delrow’s General Manager is delighted with the support provided by Marketing Zone, the speed of turnaround and the results achieved.