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Here’s the thing. When you buy a sofa you want it to be just right. The colour, the style, the comfort. There’s lots of choice and as an item you’ll use everyday it’s a big decision. For the furniture company it’s a big deal too, as it’s a large item which costs a lot to transport to your home. So if a quality problem comes to light after delivery, it’s disappointing for the buyer and a headache for the furniture company. That’s why FIRA, the world’s leading furniture testing and technology centre, also provides in-home repair services on behalf of top retailers and manufacturers. Sounds sensible so far. But what’s a great service if your potential customers don’t know why it’s the best around. With that in mind, FIRA asked Marketing Zone to come up with a creative approach to get their message across.

Through the creation of a striking brand identity and hard-hitting business-to-business marketing materials, we provided FIRA with the toolkit it needed to demonstrate why its service is so good. We took on board everything we were told, scoured competitor approaches and put ourselves in the business customers’ shoes. Then we came up with the ‘7 good reasons’ concept. All the competitive benefits of choosing FIRA’s service come back to these 7 fundamental reasons. So we used these messages to create an interactive sales presentation, brochure and tender proposal. By clarifying why FIRA is the right choice we’ve contributed to the brand’s impressive growth in contracts for home furniture repairs.