Corporate identity, logo creation, brochure design, website development and shop signage

Like its namesake, Kameleon4 is highly distinctive. With a pool of candidates ready to get their claws into their perfect role, Kameleon4 pride themselves on matching the most talented applicants with their dream job. It’s not just about filling vacancies; it’s about forging long-lasting job satisfaction for their clients and recruiters. So with this proposition in place, it was time for Marketing Zone to work their magic and deliver Kameleon4 with a brand identity to be proud of.

Key to this project was the name. ‘Kameleon’ conjured up a wonderful variety of options for our design team. In the initial brainstorming stages we considered many possible options – from using colourful pantones and wild fonts, to tail-like and lizard-feet style icons.

Developing and re-developing our initial designs led us to decide that a statement icon within the word ‘Kameleon4’ would be most visually powerful for the brand. Using the concept of the unusually shaped padded toes of a Chameleon, our final design was bold and adaptable. It could be seamlessly integrated across all marketing communications. It could also vary in colour depending on which of the four elements of Kameleon4’s service was being promoted – Training, Recruitment, Business or Schools.

We produced a set of brand guidelines to help train the staff and designed brochures with expertly-written copy to sell their story. The website, high street shop signage and eNews came next and the rest, as they say, is history.