Strategic evaluation and direct marketing, PowerPoint and campaign management

At a time when the mobile telecom market was growing exponentially, Orange needed to grab market share, before the competition did. It already enjoyed the biggest share of the consumer market but had a smaller slice of the business market. Here, marketing campaigns were put in place to win new corporate customers. But with such rapid growth Orange needed everything to be right for business, right now.

Enter Marketing Zone, to make sure marketing campaigns led to sales. First we evaluated Orange’s business campaigns. What we discovered enabled Orange to transform the effectiveness of its direct marketing and telesales and cut the cost of generating sales appointments in half. Then working with the 200-strong corporate sales team we created a new kind of sales presentation. Strongly branded, compelling and interactive, the presentation could follow the flow of the conversation with each potential customer, which is always the best route to making a sale.

Having signed up to Orange, its biggest customers expected operational support. Marketing Zone met with City banks and the NHS, acting as part of the Orange team. We scoped out the requirements for Orange content on their intranets and then worked within Orange to complete each project. These intranets helped employees order handsets and get user help, bringing corporates greater efficiency and a stronger relationship with Orange. And behind the scenes we specified the requirements for the planned sales and marketing database to bring everything together for even greater visibility and return on marketing spend.