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Once a James Bond fantasy, beautiful hi-tech homes are now a reality. Specialists like Smart3 are at the forefront of the home automation revolution. They supply the gadgetry needed for multi-room audio and video, home cinema, lighting control, heating control and security. To bring their service to potential customers, Marketing Zone provide integrated marketing communications.

Inspired by what Smart3 could do, our role was to inspire others with the possibilities. After all who wouldn’t want a stylish, automated home? Imagine never needing house keys because the front door recognises your fingerprints. Or seeing the latest sporting events in your own home cinema. And getting that vital home delivery when you’re working late with CCTV and remote access control.

So we put the brand in front of the right people with targeted PR to share the dream. Online the brand has presence with social media and a website that gives a room-by-room guide to the technology. Advertising designed with clean lines and a clear message gets noticed. And at exhibitions like Grand Designs, the Smart3 team make connections too. After grabbing attention with their new exhibition stand, the team convert enquiries into quotes with our helpful room layouts.