Website design, copywriting and design

This small, expert business helps bereaved people to wind up the financial affairs of their loved ones. It’s a sensitive business and it needed some sensitive marketing.

Marketing Zone realised that the Valued Estates website was useful but too complex and daunting at a time when customers are grieving. And the website promoted four services in equal measure yet one of them is far more important than the rest. It’s a brilliant service too, probate administration for a pre-agreed price that can save families thousands compared to solicitors and banks.

So we created a new website (with top Google rankings) to focus on this fundamental benefit in a sympathetic way. The design is welcoming. The proposition – fixed price probate administration – is very clear indeed. Testimonials are images of genuine customer letters that prove authenticity. And while there is still useful information and details of secondary services, the new website provides reassurance and the structure leads to enquiries.

We also set about supporting Valued Estates in their outreach programme. Registrars (of Birth and Deaths) and Funeral Directors are often the first point of contact. Branded office items were produced as a permanent reminder and to encourage referrals. Information leaflets, business cards with messages, and brochures were provided for display for their customers to ‘take now and call once at home’.

Valued Estates has seen a surge in demand which it has met by doubling the probate admin team – from 2 to 4!