Alex Aiken, the Executive Director of Government Communications has suggested that the ‘traditional’ press release isn’t as important today when compared to more digital PR methods. Well we’ll just have to put the record straight! Alex commented that instead of writing a press release, press officers should be sending a tweet, infographic or video. We agree that these marketing tools are an excellent way of communicating – we use these channels regularly for our clients. But we also know how valuable press releases are when generating positive messages with local, national and specialist press.

That’s why as your public relations agency in Hertfordshire, we can advise you on which channels will best suit your project. We know from experience that the fashion press often rely on, and use, the details provided in our press releases. Plus we know that press releases can go viral and be circulated by other online journals who have read the article on another website.

Thanks to the digital age, the online PR choices available are wide reaching and cost effective. But the ‘traditional’ press release has the power to raise awareness, sway perceptions and generate a real return on investment.

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