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OutsourceTime is precious. You have clients to see, relationships to build and people to manage. So where does your marketing fit in? Often it gets pushed to the back burner when organisations are busy or when budgets are stretched. But in reality, when a business invests in marketing, the return on sales can be huge.

An integrated marketing agency can provide additional support and act as the marketing department for your business. Or it can be used as an extension of your marketing team for additional expertise and support. This frees up your time so you can concentrate on the other areas of your business.

Outsourced help from a marketing agency can help with many aspects of marketing, from planning what to do to making it happen.

5 reasons to outsource your marketing

The current economic climate is pushing many businesses to downsize, keep costs down and to re-prioritise workloads. Outsourcing can be a cost effective way to realign a business to fulfil certain goals and functions. Marketing is one of the areas of an organisation which can be effectively outsourced.

1. Get the marketing skills you need – quickly
Outsourcing your marketing lets you focus on other aspects of your business, and reduces the need and cost of employing full time marketing professionals. Often you can find yourself as a jack of all trades juggling different projects, or other staff can drift into taking on marketing projects without having the expertise in marketing to really elevate your business.

As marketing increasingly moves into the digital world, your business needs experts who can develop and programme your website, increase traffic through search engine optimisation, plus a designer who is properly experienced to know what works best on and offline for your organisation. This can be costly to maintain in-house, but outsourcing your marketing gives you the combined scope of expertise from professional marketers.

2. Fresh ideas, no bias and peace of mind
If you have little or no marketing expertise, taking on the promotion for your business can be daunting. As businesses grow so does their need for quality marketing, and outsourcing to a marketing agency is a real option. You’ll find your marketing agency will bring to you fresh creativity, new ideas and a different perspective. And there will be no holding on to old belief systems or the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mentality. A marketing agency won’t be afraid to push the boundaries to show you what will work for your product. That’s our job.

3. Save time and money
Both large and small organisations have to deal with saving time and money, and by outsourcing your marketing you have top level marketing experts on hand whenever your need them. You can choose to allocate one or more projects to them and only pay for the services you need. So if you have a marketing campaign running for a couple of months, but then find no need to promote your business the next month, that’s fine. You won’t be paying for in-house marketers in between projects. Plus, you’ll be avoiding the hidden costs of employing staff, such as sick pay, office overheads and holidays – you can leave those little gems to your marketing agency!

4. Increased scope of experience
There are many markets out there and it can be difficult to determine which audiences your organisation should target. Marketing agencies have a wealth of experience in a diverse range of markets, so they can advise you straight away which avenues would work for your business.

5. Personal and professional service
We understand that it can be un-nerving to outsource your marketing. But the right agency will keep you fully in control of every project by providing timelines, weekly or monthly reports on your return on investment so you know exactly were you are every step of the way.

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