Twitter-hashtagTwitter can make a big difference to your business, so it’s important to maximise the exposure you’re getting. Getting to grips with tweeting, retweeting and getting retweets is a task in itself. But are you getting the amount of retweets that you want?

Here are 7 key tips we use.

  1. Send tweets between noon and 3pm, Monday to Thursday (source: Hootsuite) – they have the highest retweet (RT) rate.
  2. Friday is thought to be a good day to get retweets – likely to be down to the popular #FF or #FollowFriday hash tag.
  3. Don’t be backwards in coming forwards! Viral Marketing Scientist at HubSpot, @DanZarrella’s research has shown that adding ‘please retweet’ in your tweet has a 51% retweet rate, and the shorter ‘pleaseRT’ has a 39% retweet rate. Not using these phrases only gives a 12% retweet rate.
  4. We frequently add links to our tweets; it adds interest and encourages retweets.
  5. Make it easy for your followers to share your content – aim for your tweet to be 70-100 characters to leave space for a RT and a comment.
  6. Include a hash tag – the top ones we use are #qualitydesign, #socmedia, #websites, #geniuspr and #marketingtips. They work for us.
  7. Follow people back and retweet their content if it’s relevant to your business. It’s only polite if they have taken the time to follow you.

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For more tips, read our guide The basics of Twitter for business.