facebookNew information from eConsultancy shows that this year, half the UK population will be using Facebook. Which means it’s highly likely that half of your customers will be too. Of course the number of your customers using Facebook will vary from business to business. It’s possible that your customers never got the Facebook bug. But now that Facebook users have reached 50% of everybody in the UK that is less likely. Chances are, a fair slug of your customers use Facebook. Which means you should be active there too. Take a look at the numbers…

Facebook users 2016

People logging on to Facebook at least once a month:

50.5% of UK residents = 33.2 million users

That’s 90% of social network users in the UK, using Facebook

50.8% of UK mobile phone users will be Facebook users in 2016.

That’s 81% of Facebook users accessing it via their mobile phones.


Facebook users 2020

By 2020 this is forecast to rise further:

52% of UK residents = 35.4 million users

And 88% of Facebook users will access it via mobiles.

See the full article and more lovely numbers from eConsultancy

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