InstagramInstagram has published an online guide to help businesses understand how they can use the service to connect with communities online. Since the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook in 2012, the popularity of the site has hit an all time high. Now, top name brands such as Disney and Nike are using rich imagery and video content more and more to engage with their markets.

It’s important to have a web presence where your customers are looking. So the greater your understanding of how all these different social media applications operate, interact and engage with potential customers, the better placed you’ll be to decide how best to use it for your business. We can help too.

Here are Instagram top tips for businesses:

  • Be true to your brand
  • Share experiences
  • Make it meaningful
  • Inspire action
  • Know your audience.

Download their guide to find out more.

This video shows how leading brands such as @nikerunning, @generalelectric and @benandjerrys are constantly creating new content to connect with their online communities.

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