Snapchat is taking the social media world by storm, so let us unravel it for you. This rapidly growing mobile app lets users connect with others by sending photos that automatically disappear after 10 seconds. It’s been around for a little while now, and businesses are starting to see the benefits, especially in youth markets. Statistics from November 2013 show that more than 400 million ‘snaps’ are being sent every day, exceeding those sent via Facebook and Instagram. So what’s in it for business?

snapchat1. It can make your customer feel special
Because the photo disappears into cyber space, only very basic information is stored on those who engage with ‘snaps’, such as emails and names. This means there are very limited opportunities for Snapchat to generate paid advertising. This seems to appeal to users. They know they won’t be bothered by adverts they don’t wish to see, so are happy to connect with brands to see a creative way of receiving information. Organisations such as the Co-op and Lynx use ‘snaps’ to offer followers sneak previews of new products and special offer codes. Customers feel special as they’re seeing a quick glimpse of an offer and interest is created.

2. It creates a sense of urgency
When delivering a marketing campaign, a call to action is essential to get your customers to react. As a ‘snap’ is only available for 10 seconds, it can jolt users into action. Countdowns and time limits can be big motivators for getting the right reaction. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an exclusive offer, or the opportunity to download an exclusive behind then scenes photo of an event, for example.

3. It can limit social media faux pas
If a business makes a poor comment on Twitter or Facebook, it’s there for the world to see – and share – very quickly. On Snapchat, the disappearing content means that the damage is limited and is less likely to cause a stir. Not that we’d recommend this. Good practice is essential when using social media at all times.

As with all social media tools, there are pros and cons, so we can help decide which path your business could follow. Call Mark on 01763 274440.