You’ve got a great sales team, loyal customers and healthy growth, so why bother with Twitter? Well, with around 15 million people in the UK actively using Twitter, you need to be there amongst them. It’s vital to go where your customers go, for your marketing to be effective.

Marketing Zone’s top 7 reasons for using twitter

71.     Be in the conversation

You customers are on Twitter. They’re talking. So make sure that you’re there to listen. If they say good things about your business, you can thank them. If they say bad things about your business, you can thank them for their feedback, as well as apologise, investigate and remedy the situation before it becomes a crisis.

2.     Go where your customers go

Around ¾ of British adults use smartphones. About half check their phones within 5 minutes of waking. Then phones are checked throughout the day, no matter where people happen to be. Because most people (80%), access Twitter from their mobiles, by being on Twitter you’ll be with your customers wherever they go.

3.     Take your customer’s pulse

On Twitter, you’ll quickly discover which issues are currently making people mad and what kind of service is making them feel delighted. And you can use Twitter search to probe into specific topics. It’s a great way to check the pulse of your marketplace. This knowledge will help you improve what you do, so it matches what people want.

4.     Know what competitors are up to

Your customers will know what your competitors are doing. They’ll have heard about the new innovation or the current offer. They might even be thinking of switching. Now you can be in the loop via Twitter. To be effective at selling, at the very least you’ll need to be aware of competitor actions, and ideally you’ll take steps to trump their plans.

5.     Get your message out – fast

With Twitter you can spread the word about your company, brand or offer, in an instant. It’s a great way to share your news, make announcements and build excitement towards your next event.

6.     Get customer feedback – fast

You can use Twitter to ask your followers to help you develop what you offer. This might be asking customers to suggest names for your new product or service, or pick their favourite design for your next exhibition. You can find out which new features customers would like from your new products or just simply ask, “how are we doing?”

7.     Say it with pictures for impact

Images can now easily be posted alongside your tweets. Messages that include pictures get almost double the views and over a third more interaction. So when you tweet with images you’ll increase the appeal of your message.

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