twitter MZLike any media channel, when you communicate on Twitter, make sure you have something interesting to say. For many businesses who have already grasped the importance of having a presence wherever their customers are, good intentions alone are not enough when it comes to tweeting. You need to be clear what you’ll tweet about – and what you won’t.

When deciding on the content to feature on Twitter ask yourself these 10 questions. From the answers you generate, you’ll have a pretty clear idea of what to tweet about:

  1. What your customers are interested in?
  2. What do they understand about your business?
  3. What they don’t know about your business – but should?
  4. What are customers saying?
  5. What is the competition saying?
  6. What are industry experts saying?
  7. What business developments will customers want to know about?
  8. What annual events impact customers’ lives?
  9. What questions would you like customers to answer?
  10. What resources do you have that your customers would find helpful?

For inspiration you can check out what topics are trending on twitter or follow the comments made for a specific topic hashtag, such as #marketingtips.

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