What makes a tweet worth readingWith millions of people and businesses using it in the UK, and around 140 million active users worldwide, Twitter has taken the social media world by storm. Not a day goes past without the press taking on a story launched via a tweet, be it a profit announcement by a major retailer, sports headlines or celebrity news.

When it comes to creating news and promoting your brand, Twitter is an instant platform to very quickly get your message out there. More importantly, because a tweet comes directly from the horse’s mouth – your business – it has the power to say exactly what you want it to say, at a specified moment. So, it’s important that your tweets connect with your followers in the right way.

Here are our 5 tips for creating engaging tweets:

  1. Nothing but the truth – your tweet needs to be interesting, newsworthy and truthful – these three elements encourage credibility and trust from your followers.
  2. Little and often – you’ll soon see what works for you, so be consistent and create a flow of tweets that draw interest. You can tweet about product launches, events you’re at, employee news, good causes you support. Think, if it’s something you’d like to hear about from a business or person you follow, then your followers might like to hear it about you.
  3. Everyone loves a discount – research show that 94% of followers want to hear about discounts, and 88% want to know about free things (Source: Compete). If you can offer a promotion or exclusive price on Twitter, customers are more likely to engage with you to ensure they hear about future promotions.
  4. Look and listen – monitor what people are saying about you by using the @ Connect button on your Twitter home page. Then you can respond directly. You can also spot trends of discussion about your marketplace using hashtag searches i.e. #restaurants #beauty or #smallbusiness.
  5. Bring it to life – a book is more intriguing with an interesting picture. An instruction manual is more appealing with a video. Providing a link to an image, piece of media or full article gives your followers access to more information should they want it. Plus it’s a good opportunity to direct them to your website.

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