cyclingWhat can the Tour de France teach marketers? Quite a lot.

Back in 2010, Dave Brailsford was tasked with securing the first ever British win of the Tour de France. As General Manager and Tour Director of Team Sky, Brailsford pursued the idea of aggregated marginal gains. He believed that it’s possible to drive up overall performance, by making small adjustments across every aspect of performance.

Brailsford looked for 1% improvements in everything – from nutrition and training to the best pillow to enable cyclists to get a good night’s sleep. By following this plan he aimed to secure a British winner of the Tour within 5 years.

His belief was that small incremental gains can add up to a much bigger improvement than simply the sum of the individual changes. He was right.

In 2012 Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France. Both Wiggins and Brailsford received a knighthood the following year.

So what does this mean for marketing? It’s pretty clear.

  • Obsess about every aspect of your marketing.
  • Get the details right to deliver a big return.

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