Integrated marketing plans

Inspiring your customers to click, to call and to buy

We’re specialists in communications – and that means we know what needs to happen, and where and when it should happen. Each client is different, so we select and combine the channels their customers use and value.

Media relationsFrom blogs to brochures, print ads to websites, we focus on developing the right mix. We’re fully aware that the shape of communication is changing all the time. We’re experts in creating eye-catching packaging or stands that will attract new customers at your next trade fair. If you need an advertising campaign, we can create it, deliver a media schedule and buy the space you need. Working on a new tender or worried about your next sales presentation? A B2B campaign will help you align your efforts with your larger goals.

And, when it comes to the latest blogs, forums and social sites, we can find ways for you to reach influencers or create an online campaign that will help raise awareness and encourage more people to purchase your products.