From its early days as a simple blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a full content management system for websites, and is used world wide by the likes of Forbes, Reuters, Mashable and the Rolling Stones. 

Because it offers so much choice and flexibility by incorporating thousands of high quality and functional plugins, widgets, and themes, Marketing Zone often chooses this software for designing top class websites for our clients.

Get started!
First you need to install WordPress, and decide on a website name and host. Next you’ll set up goals for what your website needs to achieve.

Decide on the navigation and design
Think about the pages for the website to create the navigation. Decide on how they should be organised. This navigation be the basis for the structure of the website and you will add this information in to WordPress. There are countless themes and backgrounds from WordPress which you can match to your brand, and you can add logos and images to bring the page to life.

Add content
Great content is essential for your website. It sells your business to your customers and regularly adding search engine optimised copy helps you rise in the search engine rankings. You can also include keywords and headings, format your copy and add images.

Plugins and widgets
These are useful functions to add to your site which help it run smoothly and be interactive. These include sliding graphic panels, contact forms, security functions, calendars, twitter feeds and text features.

Now you have the fundamentals of a WordPress website, you’re set to launch! If you need any help, Marketing Zone can host and develop your website for you, just get in touch.

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