The UK has an energy capacity gap in the short term as old, polluting coal-fired power stations are decommissioned, but new cleaner power plants have yet to be built. Increased reliance on imports in an already squeezed global market means there is upward pressure on prices. So Marketing Zone was delighted to win the project to design and create a new corporate identity and website for energy procurement specialists Data Energy.

Data Energy

For 20 years, Data Energy has been helping Managing Agents of apartment blocks to buy their energy at competitive rates, as well as deal with all the specific issues that come with flats like lost meters, regular meter readings and bill validation.


Residents in apartment blocks don’t want to pay more than they should on communal bills. They can even use the law to take their Managing Agent to task if they are not satisfied.  Likewise Managing Agents want to keep up with a very competitive and fast-changing environment and demonstrate that are acting in the residents best interests. Despite their best efforts, dealing with the big utility companies can be like David trying to handle Goliath. Managing Agents face many problems including being tied into contracts, being automatically rolled over into higher contract rates and disputes over bills where meter information isn’t accurate. That’s where procurement specialists, Data Energy, can make a huge difference.

Marketing Zone defined and crafted clear messages in crisp, straightforward language – that can be understood by business people and their ultimate customers. Graphic images clearly reinforce these messages at a glance. And everything is underpinned by testimonials and case studies.