Apple devicesGone are the days when all a web designer had to think about when designing a website was the size of the PC screen! Now with over 1.08 billion smart phone users in the world (source: Go-Gulf), the rise of tablets, iPads, iPhones, laptops and notebooks means that device screens vary massively in size. 58% of people in the UK owned a smartphone in 2012, and almost a fifth owned a tablet (source: Image). This means your website has to keep up. Plus, different operating systems such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, iOS and Android, each add various challenges to the web designer’s life!

Responsive Website Design automatically adapts their content to fit the screen size it’s being viewed on, without the need for clunky scroll bars and minute font sizes. Although apps for shopping or businesses, such as Amazon and Marks and Spencer prove popular and are designed for people to browse on smart phones, some people prefer to browse a website. This means you’re duty bound to offer them an optimal viewing experience whenever and however they land on your website.

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