Fundraising websiteWith so many charities seeking support it can be a challenge to make yours stand out. In the case of The Red Rubber Ball Foundation, a charity which puts the education of young students in Kenya at the heart of everything it does, there is no shortage of inspirational stories or arresting images, it’s a matter of presenting them in a way that reaches out to a relevant audience in a compelling way.

The Red Rubber Ball Foundation is there for children who cannot afford to go to school and so arranges scholarships for children attending each level of state school and further education. It makes sure that in their journey, the children also have access to workshops and clubs to broaden their experiences. So far, the charity has arranged sponsorships for 265 children in over 100 schools across the country. Marketing Zone’s job was to create a website which tells the amazing stories and in doing so promotes fundraising and donations.

Clear messaging is key for the charity

The site’s objective is to support the fundraising strategy. With plenty of eye-catching images that show the charity’s work, strong branding, a good source of new content from the beneficiaries plus a powerful message, the important role of the website was to present these components in a logical way with a simple navigation. We created a design which uses the photographs and written content to quickly catch the visitor’s attention and draw them to these calls to action: to sponsor a child and Donate.

A fundraising website – So how is it done?

We use always use WordPress to create and build our websites so our clients know they have a reliable, SEO friendly site which is super easy to update and can be relied on in terms of security and performance. We manage the process of updating their site, keeping it fresh with the latest news.

We also take care of hosting the site and its management providing regular updates, security protection and providing development when needed with ongoing assistance so the site looks current and performs as it should.

A website that it is easy to maintain

We continue to look after the visitor facing side of website, regularly uploading new news stories, photographs and videos, creating lots of relevant new content to keep the search engines busy and, in short, making them easier to find with a Google search.

If your charity is looking for a cost-effective, no-hassle website that really packs a punch please speak to Mark at Marketing Zone on 07801 419800, or email