Local Hertfordshire firm, Abbey Building Services and Maintenance, already had a website. Marketing Zone built it in 2005. It worked well, generating enquiries which led to new building projects. So why, after just over 10 years, has Marketing Zone built Abbey a brand new website? Read on, and decide if it’s time to replace your old website too!

A decade is a long time in business

Tabbeybsm-lrhe 2005 website had a lot going for it. It was easy to find when enquirers were looking for Hertfordshire builders. It clearly showed Abbey’s services from extensions to refurbishments so it was easy to understand. It looked good because it showed real people enjoying their improved homes, at a time when other builders showed mud, scaffolding and diggers. It included glowing customer feedback about the way Abbey works, which sets them apart. So why change it?

Quite simply, the 10-year old website had to change, because the world had changed in that time. Marketing Zone’s website analytics revealed that there had been a shift in the way Abbey’s web visitors behaved. We told business owner Richard Bamforth about our concerns. Ten years ago people searched for builders on their desktop PCs. Today the majority look for local builders on their mobiles and tablets. Because Abbey’s website wasn’t mobile friendly, it became harder to find, since Google penalises websites that aren’t great for mobiles pushing them down the search rankings. And once the old website was found, it was hard work for customers to reach the right information on the website on a tiny mobile screen. This meant less enquiries. Richard decided it was time for change.

Owner says “New website is better for customers”

iPhoneThe new website we’ve created uses ‘responsive’ (mobile friendly) design. When Abbey’s customers view the website, they’ll see a version that suits their mobile, tablet or PC. Whatever they’re using its easy to find, includes impressive content and prompts potential customers to take the next step. With an improved look and feel, and significantly improved ease of use, Abbey has made sure that it stands out from other Hertfordshire builders.

Owner, Richard Bamforth says, “The new website from Marketing Zone is far better for customers. It’s still great for PC users. And when customers are on the move, our website is right there with them on their smartphone or iPad. I really like how our contact details are kept at the top of every mobile page, making it easier for people to get in touch. Enquiries are up, which is great for business.”

Whether you’re in the business of building, beauty or bookkeeping, it’s essential that your website is easy to find and use. It’s now cost-effective to code a responsive website, putting it within the reach of small business owners. If your website is getting on a bit, and definitely if it’s 10 years old, then chat to Marketing Zone about how you can make sure its accessible to mobile users.

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