If you want enquiries and sales, then you’ll need an effective website. Since so many people now access the internet from mobile devices, that means you’ll need a mobile-friendly website. By mobile-friendly, we mean that your website needs to work just as well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as it already does on PCs. If your website was built some time ago it may be missing the code that makes it mobile friendly. Check your web pages now and talk to Mark at Marketing Zone if you need to make improvements.

Check if it’s mobile friendly?

It’s easy to discover if your website is mobile friendly.

Just put the web URL into this Google tool.

It either is, or it isn’t!

When you try the tool there are only two outcomes. In effect pass or fail, since Google rates the URL like this:

  • Page is mobile-friendly.
  • Not mobile-friendly

Google likes the new mobile-friendly website we launched for Abbey

The new website which Marketing Zone created for Abbey Building Services and Maintenance gets a big thumbs-up. At launch it was rated by Google for mobile friendliness as “Awesome!”.

If you’d like your website to get a positive result like Abbey then get in touch with Mark at Marketing Zone on 07801 419800, email mark@marketingzone.co.uk or tweet us @MarketingZoneUK