Until recently you could find the tree surgeons, JD Tree Care, if you looked on the Checkatrade website. But this small expert business didn’t have its own website, so it was missing out on enquiries when people in its catchment area of Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Broxbourne and Hoddesdon searched in Google. Now Marketing Zone has built the company a low-cost website which is integrated with Checkatrade and it’s delivering well in Google search results.

Using the power of customer reviews

JD Tree Care believes that customer reviews are vital when someone is choosing which supplier to use. That’s why they’d already signed up to this well-known website which provides a directory of reputable tradespeople that 1 million customers use each month when searching for a trade. Through hard work and good customer service, JD Tree Care received positive customer reviews on Checkatrade and an excellent overall score. Marketing Zone has incorporated JD Tree Care’s Checkatrade score into the homepage of their new website, built in WordPress. It’s a dynamic link so that whenever an existing customer adds a review to Checkatrade JD Tree Care’s overall score is automatically updated on their own website.

Anyone finding JD Tree Care on Checkatrade is now directed to the enquiry page of their own website, where they can find out more about the services and the firm’s credentials.

Likewise, whenever a potential new customer is looking at the JD Tree Care website, they can click through from this score to see exactly what customers think of the service by reading their detailed reviews on the Checkatrade website.

Getting found in Google searches

It’s hard for small businesses to stand out from the crowd when people search for services on Google. Often, to get found on Google, companies invest a decent budget in Pay Per Click advertising each month to get instant leads. Some use Search Engine Optimisation Techniques known as SEO, to build up the customer information on their website, coded so that Google’s search ‘spiders’ notice it, to help their website gain popularity in Google searches. Again, this takes an investment, for example in correctly structuring and coding the site and in adding information that’s relevant to customers over time. But JD Tree Care, like many professional small businesses, simply wanted a low-cost website, without having to devote time and budget to ongoing website marketing.

So, Marketing Zone has designed, written and built a compact website with in-built search optimisation for JD Tree Care that packs a punch online. When you search for the key search terms, the JD Tree Care website is often in the list of possible options that you see on Page 1 of Google results. To achieve this, we considered what the important search terms would be – in this case words about the service and the catchment area where the business operates. We coded the site with metadata such as the description served up following a Google search, metatags on page headings and alt tags providing a text description of the images used on the website and in the gallery of images. This on-site optimisation, provided as part of the new website at launch, continues to work well for the business.

If you’re in need of a tree surgeon in Cheshunt or Waltham Cross, why not check out JD Tree Care.

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