Affordable new websites in WordPress

wordpress-logoThere are many ways to create a new website. But the days of having to code a website from scratch are over, except for very niche digital players and huge corporates. For small and medium sized businesses WordPress is an ideal platform because it puts a professional website within affordable reach.

Marketing Zone creates distinctive websites in WordPress. Each website reflects the personality of the brand or business. As you can imagine the websites we have created for all these businesses differ enormously to appeal directly to their specific customers: accountants; engineers; consultants; hairdressers; gifts; shipping, sports clubs and energy advisers – and that’s just a few!

Each website is designed to work hard as if it was your 24/7 automated marketing assistant. It can help you to take your business to the next stage. New websites for small businesses start from a very affordable £500 plus VAT. All our prices are discussed and put in writing before we start creating a new website, so you can decide whether the cost represents good value for your business. With websites built by Marketing Zone using WordPress you really can get a great deal for your money.

Visually attractive

With WordPress there is a vast amount of scope to vary the design, layout and navigation of your website. Of course as a marketing agency we’re aware of many ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ which we can guide you through. It’s vital that your website looks good because this impacts on your ability to attract new customers and keep existing ones.

Mobile friendly

With more and more people accessing websites from their smartphones or tablets you need to make sure your website works well on these devices. We can create responsive websites in WordPress that adapt depending on whether they are being viewed on a big PC screen, medium sized tablet or small smartphone screen.

Fit for purpose

Whatever you need your website to do, it can do it with WordPress. It has the functionality for:

  • Booking systems
  • E-commerce
  • Wish-lists
  • Registrations
  • Social media streams
  • Galleries
  • Videos

Search engine friendly

WordPress is created with code that is search engine friendly. That means that your website can be read and understood by search engines like Google. The better your website performs on the search engines, the more you can rely on getting organic (unpaid) web visits and the less you’ll have to spend attracting visits to your website using pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Built in blog

WordPress had its origins as a blogging tool, so your company news or blog is an integral part of your WordPress website. This isn’t the case with some older websites where the main website and the blog are effectively two separate websites, with all the associated issues. Blogs are an important way to keep adding fresh news and helpful information for your customers. This also helps your website to perform well in the search engines.

Technical back-up

WordPress is more than website software. It’s a community of developers so there are all sorts of ready-made website widgets and plug-ins. When VAT last went up we were able to add a widget to our clients’ e-commerce websites and automatically update the prices of all their UK products in line with the new rate, in time for the changeover and in an extremely cost-effective way.

Easy to update

Although most of our clients choose to rely on Marketing Zone to update the content on their websites, it isn’t everyone’s preference. If you’d rather make updates yourself, provided you can use Word, you can use WordPress.