Poll chart

Numbers are great. Words are good too. And graphics help both to pack a punch. Do you use them enough?

We love numbers. You can track sales with them. Measure web performance. And collate opinions. But sometimes the numbers need a helping hand.

At Marketing Zone we use graphics to help data be clearly understood. When the Chartered Institute of Marketing celebrated its centenary it asked members to vote for the most useful marketing model of the last century. We ran the poll and when we collated the responses we produced this graphic to present the results. It has more appeal than a text table of results. The use of colour reinforces the scale of responses too.

Words are pretty useful. And we know that some people like them and want detailed information and time to consider facts. But other people are less keen on reading. Or don’t have time to read everything.

Now our client, Data Energy, is a specialist energy procurement company. It supplies managing agents of luxury apartment blocks, who are in turn answerable to the residents for the fuel they buy. It passed on the insight that many of these managing agents are under severe time pressures. So the new website Marketing Zone designed for them uses graphics to summarise key points. That way web pages can be understood from a quick scan.
Best graphic
Here the graphic gets to the heart of the proposition, fast.

There’s really no limit to the possibilities when creating graphics. It takes creative ideas, clear vision and our genius designers who make it all happen.