Digital marketing If you intend to make 2014 the year that you really get to grips with digital marketing, we can point you in the direction of some excellent training courses, hosted and organised by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

We’ve been providing communications support for the CIM’s London region since 2005, helping them continually develop their website, social media networks and digital communications. So we know they can really help you to develop your knowledge of the digital marketing world.

Covered within the course syllabus, CIM are championing 8 key areas to think about when developing a digital marketing plan:

  1. Multi-channel marketing: integrate digital marketing and social media throughout your marketing planning and resourcing.
  2. Focus on the customer: build lifelong customers by understanding what your audience is trying to achieve and which channels they are using to do this.
  3. Lead with content: understand what people are searching for to inform your content.
  4. Optimise for mobile: an increasing amount of your website traffic is likely to be on a mobile device – adapt your website to be responsive to mobile devices.
  5. Avoid a social media disaster: manage your social media advocates and have monitoring tools in place on social media sites relating to your brand, your products and your competitors.
  6. Go beyond the last click in analytics: understand how all your channels work together.
  7. Don’t broadcast: everything you do should be as highly targeted and relevant as possible.
  8. Goals-driven measurement: set up goals in your analytics and focus on how your audience is reaching these goals.

Take a look at their training course dates for the upcoming few months. Or if you’d like some agency help with your digital marketing plans, you know where we are.